Key Member benefits

Key Benefits of Membership

Increased Industry & Market Knowledge
● Members receive quarterly minutes from the Management Committee meetings, which discuss and highlight key issues of importance to the power supply industry, and projects in which the EPSMA is engaged
● Members are invited to attend all four Management Committee meetings held during the year including the AGM in 4Q. These provide a great opportunity to network and share insight
● The AGM usually features guest presentations from key industry figures on topics of importance to the membership. Recent topics covered have included advanced lighting, renewables, and new semiconductor materials such as GaN and SiC

Free Access to EPSMA Publications
● EPSMA members benefit from access to confidential EPSMA documents, many of which are free of charge to members
● Members also receive significant discounts (when compared to non-members) on other EPSMA publications

Monitor and Influence Technical Standards
● The EPSMA is a liaison organisation with CENELEC and receives advance notification of work by the CENELEC technical committees relating to power, giving members information about standards-related matters and the opportunity to represent the interests of members
● Members are also able to participate in the EPSMA Technical Committee, benefiting from a sharing of technical expertise with peers in the industry, and the ability to contribute and participate in numerous projects and standards reference groups
● These activities typically result in early warning of new legislation, giving members time to prepare and avoid unnecessary development costs

Free Marketing
● Members can submit press releases to feature on the home page of the website
● Name/address listing on web-site. Links are provided on the website to member home and news web pages

Attract High-Calibre Graduates
● Members can place adverts for their graduate vacancies on the EPSMA web-site. Links are provided to member recruitment pages