Industry Links

The following websites may be of particular interest to companies involved in the power supply market:
A website created to help electronics and electrical engineers solve real-world design challenges in power conversion. It’s both an online power electronics publication and an information portal
EE Power is a digital publication focused on the power electronics industry. The publication features technical articles, design tips, and application notes from the industry’s leading power electronics engineers and application experts.

Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) - USA
The PSMA is the main industry body for power electronics in America. Its mission is to integrate the resources of the power sources industry to more effectively and profitably serve the needs of the power sources users, providers and PSMA members.

Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V.
Lyoner Straße 9 60528 Frankfurt am Main Germany

HDP (High Density Packaging) User Group International, Inc. is a non-profit trade organization incorporated in the State of Arizona, USA that offers memberships to companies involved in the supply chain of producing products that utilize high-density electronic packages. EPSMA currently contributes to the HDPUG’s reference group for board mounted power supplies.

ECPE – European Centre for Power Electronics
ECPE was established in 2003 as an industrial and research network for power electronics in Europe, in order to promote research, education and technology transfer in this field.

International Engineering Consortium (IEC)
The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) conducts a broad range of university-industry cooperative programs and continuing education programs to achieve the goals of its mission. Members of academia and industry meet to discuss leading-edge technology, issues vital to the information age, and the nature of today's global marketplace. While best known for its educational forums, the Consortium is equally proud of its less publicized but very significant contributions to university faculty development, university curricula, research, university/industry dialogues, student programs, and publications.

Cenelec (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization), together with its members, affiliates and co-operating partners, is developing and achieving a coherent set of voluntary Electrotechnical standards as a basis to a Single European Market / European Economic area without internal frontiers for goods and services inside Europe.

Gateway web-site to the European Union.

European Patent Office
European Patent & Trademark Office

US Patent Office
US patent and trademark office

IHS Research is the leading independent market research provider to the global electronics industry. Founded in the late 1980s it has established a reputation for providing reliable, highly detailed market data. IHS Research's portfolio extends to areas such as semiconductors, industrial automation, communications, automotive, consumer, power electronics, security and identification and medical. IHS Research's Power & Energy Group has played a key part in the EPSMA since it was founded and has acted as Secretariat for the organisation.

Venture Development Corporation
Venture Development Corporation is a provider of strategic consulting and market research to leading technology companies worldwide.

Power Electronics Technology
Power conversion and intelligent motion (PCIM) magazine on-line. This is the US version.

Bodo's Power
Launched in June 2006, Bodo's Power Systems magazine serves the power electronics markets worldwide for systems design engineers.