In this Issue:

  • 2021 Q1 MC meeting
  • New EPSMA website goes live
  • Mike Hayes Chair of the PSMA presents to the EPSMA
  • New TC projects proposed
  • New member RGM welcomed

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Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the Spring 2021 EPSMA newsletter. It doesn't feel like spring with snow falling at the moment but some green shoots  are showing both in the garden and the markets. Hopefully you are reading this in our new website which went live early February. If you have any comments or difficulties with the site please let the secretariat know - there is a new 'contact us' section of the website where you can do this.

Q1 2021 MC meeting 

The first management committee meeting of 2021 was a 'teams' conference call and was very well attended. A guest speaker was Mike Hayes of the Tyndall Institute who is Chair of the PSMA. Mike gave an informative presentation about the PSMA activities and mission for the future. Discussion followed with some actions recorded, aimed at closer collaboration between the two organisations.

The EPSMA has reviewed and reaffirmed its mission statement as given in the 'About the EPSMA' section of the website with a small change to reflect the global reach of European power supply company members. The EPSMA 'formation contract' has also been updated and will be circulated to members for approval - please look out for this.

After a call for suggestions, several technical committee prospective projects were discussed. Although not finalised, main possibilities will be on the subjects of EMI standards for power supplies and overvoltage/installation categories. This will be discussed at the next technical committee meeting to be held shortly and 'statements of work' drawn up.

The new website design was approved by the MC  and hopefully this will give visitors a better browsing experience. The new WordPress design is future-proofed, provides better members' area security and has several new features. Anyone wishing to access the private area can use their existing username and password. A new feature is the ability of members to reset their password themselves.

The next MC meeting will be a conference call on Friday 7th May at 10am CET


We have a ’Linkedin’ forum for members to use and a data base of UL non-conformances for members to log their observations. Contact the secretariat for more details.

CE Marking Issues forum

Remember we have a forum for issues members have with “CE” marking. If you would like to share problems (and resolutions!) With other members, please contact the secretariat with details.