Notes from the Secretariat

Welcome to the Autumn 2021 EPSMA newsletter.
Markets are being affected now by material shortages and EPSMA members are not exempt. Our chairman Berhard Erdl of Puls likens it to a poorly damped control loop with the supply chain under- and over-shooting with stocks. The issue was discussed at our recent management committee meeting and some members were optimistic that things should improve from the end of the year, but visibility is poor.


Q3 2021 MC meeting 

The MC meetings by conference call continue to be well attended. On the 17th September we discussed acivities to liaise more closely with the PSMA, our US counterpart. Actions already taken include an article for them to publish on the history and activities of the EPSMA seen HERE
We are also planning to cooperate with a joint webinar on the topic of a recent EPSMA publication - 'Lifetime Prediction of Power Supplies'.

A proposed new EPSMA publication on the subject of overvoltage categories and their implications for power supplies now has an approved statement of work and a team assembled. Target release date is Q2/2022.

Minutes of the meeting, slides and the OVC document statement of work can be seen in the members' area of the website

The next MC meeting and AGM will also be a conference call on Friday 19th November


TC meeting June 21

The Technical committee has increased the frequency of its meetings and new members and interested parties have joined.
An addition to the EPSMA document 'Accurate efficiency measurements' has been proposed discussing the 'circulating power Loss' method of efficiency measurement. An investigation has been started to evaluate whether this is a useful technique with AC-DC converter efficiencies now so high that loss becomes difficult to measure accurately by conventional means.

Minutes of the TC meeting are in the members' area of the website.



We have a ’Linkedin’ forum for members to use and a data base of UL non-conformances for members to log their observations. Contact the secretariat for more details.

CE Marking Issues forum

Remember we have a forum for issues members have with “CE” marking. If you would like to share problems (and resolutions!) With other members, please contact the secretariat with details.