Technical Publications



Click the links for the pdf documents. 'Members only' documents may return an abstract. The full version can be found in the members-only area. Join the EPSMA for full access.

The EPSMA publishes a range of technical documents and guides relating to power supplies. Access to these publications varies depending on the document. Some are available to EPSMA members only, whilst others are available to non-members. Some are freely available and others are available to qualified users on request. The following provides a guide to the different types of document and how they can be obtained:

Available to anyone free of charge -
Documents that are freely available to anyone will download automatically when the link to the document is clicked.

Available to Members Only -
If a document is for EPSMA members only, EPSMA members will normally receive this automatically from the Secretariat as soon as it is published. However, EPSMA members can also request soft copies of the document by contacting the Secretariat. (Other companies can become members of the EPSMA to obtain these types of documents, provided they fulfil the membership criteria).

Available to qualified non-EPSMA members Please contact the secretariat at for details