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There are three types of EPSMA membership:

Full Membership -
Companies which either manufacture or design/develop power supplies (in-house or sub-contracted) and have at least one direct employee in Europe may apply for full membership. Full members obtain full voting rights within the association and can stand for election on the Management Committee. The fees for Full Membership are currently £1500 per annum.

Supplier Membership -
Any recognised supplier of tangible goods or products to the European power supply industry may apply for Supplier Membership currently at a cost of £1500 per annum. Supplier members can participate in all activities of the EPSMA and three supplier member representatives may sit on the Management Committee.

Affiliate Membership (Educational Institutions Only) -  
Educational institutions, other associations or organisations providing services to the power industry (e.g. colleges, universities, test houses etc.) may obtain affiliate membership at no charge. These members can participate in the activities of the EPSMA but have no voting rights.

Prospective members of the EPSMA are required to agree to the organisation's Formation Contract which can be viewed HERE

To join the EPSMA, please contact the EPSMA Secretariat using the CONTACT FORM